Friday, November 25, 2011

Black Friday

I wasn't planning on doing this, but I figured why not?

I am having a Black Friday sale on my overstock of my own titles as well as a select assortment by other writers. Many of these items are collectible, however, they are priced below current secondary market rates in order for me to move them out of here as quickly as possible. In other words, there are some real deals here. For example, the edition of He is Legend I am offering normally sells for $200 and up on the secondary market and I'm only offering it for $150. My aim is to give you, my loyal followers, first dibs on these before they go up on eBay in another week or so at a higher price.

Note: unless indicated, I only have one copy of each item. Should you be interested in any of these, let me know by sending me an email to jfgonzalez(at) and I will send you pay pal information and hold it for you for ten days. After that, I've got to give one of the great unwashed on ebay or Horror Mall a chance at it. I ship media rate on all items. I will also personally inscribe those titles by me or flatsign them; your choice.

Books by Me

Maternal Instinct - Delirium trade paperback - $100

Back From the Dead - Delirium, signed limited (PC copy) - $40 - 2 copies left

The Beloved - Altar 13, signed and numbered limited (PC copy) - $40 - 3 copies left

Survivor - Leisure, mmp - $4 - 6 copies left

Bully - Midnight Library, tp - $5 = 3 copies left

Clickers II - Delirium, signed limited (PC Copy) - $40 - 2 copies left

Clickers III - Delirium, tp ($12) - 5 copies left

Clickers III - Delirium, signed limited (PC Copy) - $40 - 2 copies left

The Corporation - Morningstar Press, signed limited (PC Copy) - $50 (slipcase has very slight ding)

Do Unto Others - Thunderstorm Books - signed limited (PC copy) - $35

Hero - Bloodletting Press - signed limited (PC Copy) - $30

Books by other folks

He Is Legend, edited by Christopher Conlon. Signed limited edition (#300 of 750 copies). Signed by all contributors including Stephen King and Joe Hill. - $150

Offspring by Jack Ketchum - Overlook Connection Press - Signed limited edition (#707 of 1000 copies). $40

Take the Long Way Home by Brian Keene - Necessary Evil Press - Signed Limited edition (#188 of 450 copies) - $60.

Infernally Yours - an anthology celebrating the fiction of Edward Lee - Necro Press. Featuring original stories by John Shirley, Brian Keene, Edward Lee, Bryan Smith and others. Signed ltd edition of 450 copies. This is a PC copy. $75

Necon XX - Necon Program Book, published in 2000. Bound in black wraps. Binding is tight. Signed 'To Christine' from Dallas Mayr (Jack Ketchum) on the title page. Contains original fiction by Ketchum, Les Daniels, F. Paul Wilson, Douglas Winter, and a very rare Stephen King story, "The Old Dude's Ticker". Commonly sells on the secondary market for $300 or more, I'm letting this go for $225.

Four Rode Out - novella collection by Tim Lebbon, Brian Keene, Tim Curran, and Steve Vernon. Signed Limited edition. $30 (list price is $40)


More items will follow in the coming weeks. Thanks for looking.



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